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College Now

College Now is a city-wide partnership between the City University of New York and the Department of Education.

All seventeen CUNY colleges and virtually every public high school are connected to offer college credit classes mainly to juniors and seniors in high school. York College has five large partner schools – John Adams, Richmond Hill, Hillcrest, Springfield Gardens Complex, and Construction, Trades, Engineering, Architecture – and about 20 smaller schools in the south Queens area who participate in the College Now program. The program offers college credit classes, usually general education requirements needed to graduate from college (called Pathways in CUNY), and Includes introductory college classes in psychology, sociology, biology, history, mathematics, Health Education, and others. York offers about 40 classes each semester, with about 28 offered at the high schools and about 12 on the York campus. Almost all classes are offered after school during the week or on Saturdays. Students are allowed to take up to 12 credits, which is usually about 4 classes, which means they will have completed nearly one full semester of work (typically 15 credits).