Welcome to College Now

College Now gives students an opportunity to earn up to 16 college credits while still attending high school. These credits are accepted at CUNY, SUNY as well as other collges throughout the country.

What's In It For You?

York College offers a wide variety of college credit courses which include Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, Mathematics and many others. 

In addition, there are numerous high school elective courses. These classes are carefully developed and are structured so that they will lead to college credit courses while at the same time strengthen academic achievement and provide college awareness.

Our carefully developed activity sequences with an introductory or foundation course leading to college credit courses serve to both strengthen achievement and college awareness. 

Other academic support and student services available to College Now students will include:

  1. Trips to the college, meeting with Admissions and Guidance representatives,
  2. Regular visits to all classes by the College Now Guidance Coordinator, to discuss the College Now mission and the availability of support and student services
  3. Use of the York College library
  4. And a contact person at the college for all former College Now students who need assistance and guidance.