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College Now

It is never too early to start. Join our College Now classes and workshops. Remember, you will never win if you never begin. When you commit, you begin on the road to success.

College Now offers college credit classes, usually general education requirements needed to graduate from college (also called Pathways). These offerings include introductory college classes in psychology, sociology, biology, history, mathematics, Health Education, and others. All classes are offered after school, on Saturdays, or during the summer. Students can take up to 12 credits, which is nearly one full semester of work.

Mission Statement

College Now’s mission is to serve New York City public high school students through college-credit courses which are aligned with the first-year of study at the City University of New York (CUNY). We also offer pre-college activities designed to increase academic readiness for college.


  1. Provide pre-college experiences designed to increase students’ knowledge and awareness about college opportunities.
  2. Provide college credit courses that fulfill general education (Pathways) requirements.
  3. Educate students and adult family members about college opportunities and requirements.
  4. Integrate College Now students who enrolled in York College into the campus experience.
  5. Educate high school teachers and administrators about college opportunities and requirements.