Online and Hybrid Classes

Information about online and hybrid classes.

For Faculty

Year-long faculty online/hybrid course development programs are offered starting in summer. It consists of the following components.

  • In March a request for proposals will be sent out to all faculty, full- or part-time.
  • In early June there will be a two-week intensive workshop where participating faculty will gain basic understanding of online/hybrid instruction, and start to design and develop online/hybrid courses.
  • In summer and/or fall faculty will develop their online/hybrid courses under the guidance of the assigned mentors.
  • In the second week of November all newly designed and developed online/hybrid courses by participating faculty will be reviewed by peers, mentors and the CTLET staff.
  • In the next spring faculty will pilot their online/hybrid courses.
  • Near the end of the Spring semester faculty will conduct a survey to obtain feedback from students enrolled in the online/hybrid courses.
  • By the end of the spring semester faculty will submit the student survey results along with a reflective summary on their course pilot experience to CTLET.

For Students

Check out our online/hybrid course information for students website.