Technical requirements for taking online/hybrid courses

Hardware and software required for taking online or hybrid courses.

As online courses will be conducted 100%, and hybrid courses over 30% online, you will need these hardware and software applications:

  • a computer at home. 
  • a broadband internet connection from home.
  • a web browser such as FireFox, Chrome in the latest version. You can download them for free: FireFox, Chrome.
  • a CUNYfirst/Blackboard account. You can activate your CUNYfirst account.
  • a York College email also called Office 365.
  • a word processing software such as MS-Word, LibreOffice which includes a word processing application. The files created by LibreOffice can be saved as a Word file.
  • other hardware or software required by your course instructor such as a headset, a spreadsheet application (e.g. MS-Excel). See your course syllabus for detailed technical requirements for your course.