York College Active Teaching & Learning Institute

The Institute is a new initiative created by the Center for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies, in collaboration with the Collaborative Learning Center at York College.

What is it?

CTLET, in collaboration with the Collaborative Learning Center, is launching an Active Teaching & Learning Institute for improving student's learning experience and outcomes in their general education courses. Course modules are spread over 3 semesters--spring, summer and fall, and will be offered online, with a few face-to-face sessions flexibly scheduled to accommodate participants. The Institute will provide comprehensive guidance for teaching face-to-face as well as hybrid and fully online courses. All faculty, part-time and full-time, can apply.

What will participants do?

In the first semester, participants will critically examine their teaching beliefs, their understanding of our students, their course's goals and content in relation to Pathways, YC's mission and goals, the curriculum, students' goals and motivation; they will research teaching and learning resources specific to their field and reach out to York and CUNY colleagues to build a teaching network; they will create or review existing course objectives; design learning activities and assessment instruments; and experiment with a diverse set of teaching strategies and technologies for the face-to-face, large and online classrooms.  Throughout, participants will creatively think about and tackle common issues of students "being underprepared," "not doing the reading" or "not participating."  Participants will collect all reflections, ideas, work created or reviewed and draft a teaching portfolio. 
In Fall 2019, participants, with support from CTLET and the Collaborative Learning Center, will implement what they learned, engage in peer review and observations, respond to student evaluations, and discuss findings with colleagues in their departments. 
In late Fall 2019, participants will get the opportunity to present their new teaching experience and any findings at a Teaching@York College Symposium.  
Upon successful completion of the Institute, participants will present to their chair their teaching portfolio, including evaluations from students, peers, mentors and CTLET staff. 


Upon successful completion of all assignments, active participation in all face-to-face sessions and fulfilment of all evaluation and observation requirements, participants will receive a stipend of $1,200 (NTA rate for 24 hours) to be paid in two installments in summer 2019 and winter 2020.


  1. Application: February 14 – March 7 
  2. First online assignment: Friday, March 15 
  3. First face-to-face meeting: Friday, March 22 (2 hours) 
  4. March – May (total 11 hours):  bi-weekly online sessions with peer interactions (total 8 hours).  
    Thursday May 30: face-to-face session (3 hours) 
    • Learning objectives 
    • Alignments and scaffolding 
    • Teaching philosophy and portfolio 
    • Issues, challenges and strategies in teaching and learning  
    • Putting thoughts in action: designing assessments, learning activities and assignments 
    • Peer-review and feedback 
  5. Friday June 7: face-to-face session (2 hours) 
    • Revising learning activities based on peer-feedback 
  6. July - August: flexible online sessions (4 hours) 
    • Continuing design learning activities and assignments
  7. September-December: (5 hours) 
    • Implementation
    • Reflecting on the teaching experience 
    • Collecting students' feedback
  8. November: Share the teaching experience and findings in a Teaching@York Symposium


(Note: Faculty who have previously participated in the CUNY or York online/hybrid instruction training programs are welcome to apply and participate, but will not be compensated.)

Application is open now until end of day Thursday, March 7. Accepted faculty will be notified by Wednesday, March 13 the latest.

Application Form for Active Teaching & Learning Institute