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Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program

The Percy E. Sutton SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge) is a higher education opportunity program found at each of the senior colleges of the City University of New York.

The Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program provides special academic, finance, and counseling assistance to students entering college for the first time. The program provides services to help students succeed in the college setting.

The Creation and Purpose of SEEK

SEEK was created in 1966 when the New York State Legislature enacted a law that mandated the creation of programs providing access and support for New York City residents and to advance the cause of equality and educational opportunity at the City University of New York. Today the university maintains a commitment to admit students under the provisions of this law and accept students who normally would not qualify through regular admissions criteria.

The SEEK Program at York

The SEEK Program at York began in February 1968, the first academic year of the college. This student-centered program employs dynamic and innovative approaches to ensuring the students’ success. The SEEK program is staffed by dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to helping students achieve.

How Does One Apply?

Application to the SEEK Program is made by completing a freshman application for admission to the college including the SEEK section, items 20 through 23, found on page 3 of the freshman application.

SEEK Program at York College