Middle States Update from President Keizs: February 2019

Dear York College Community,

As I reported in November (2018), our Middle States Commission on Higher Education liaison, Dr. Kushnood Haq, visited the campus to discuss and make clear what is needed to submit the Monitoring Report (the Report) in response to the warning received from the Commission. The Monitoring Report Committee, composed of York colleagues, CUNY liaisons and outside consultants is diligently working to meet the March 1 deadline for submission.

Again, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone directly and indirectly involved with this comprehensive work, which demands reprioritizing some of our ongoing responsibilities in favor of accomplishing this critical goal.

What we are considering the penultimate version will go out for your review prior to the Spring Symposium, which is scheduled for February 14th beginning at 12:00 in the Little Theater of the Milton Bassin Performing Arts Center. Our York colleagues will be there as will our Middle States consultants, Anna Pond and Meredith Reitman. Once this version is circulated, your feedback will be solicited.

The Middle States team, comprised of Dr. Haq, Dr. Joanne Cote-Bonanno Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment at Montclair State University (Chair) and Professor Beena Sukumaran, Department Head at Rowan University (Team Member) will visit the York College campus on March 19th and 20th. Some of you will be invited to those sessions.

This Monitoring Report provides a detailed response to the Commission’s request showing the significant progress made.

  • Chapter 1 describes York College’s Institutional Effectiveness Framework, as well as achievements and sustainable processes for organized and systematic assessment of institutional and program level student achievement goals.
  • Chapter 2 details York College’s advances in the development and implementation of General Education assessment.
  • Chapter 3 provides an overview of York College’s continuous improvement processes and examples of how assessment results are used for the improvement of educational effectiveness.
  • Chapter 4 presents how York College communicates student achievement assessment results to all stakeholders.
  • The Appendix contains the Tables cited but not directly included in the Monitoring Report.

I look forward to seeing you at the Spring Symposium and receiving your comments about the Monitoring Report.

Thank you all for your commitment!