Department of Health Professions

Department of Health Professions

The programs offered by the Department of Health Professions aim to prepare students for various health careers that can help address health disparities in the community. The Clinical Laboratory Science and Health Science Programs are offered as undergraduate degrees, while the Physician Assistant program is a graduate degree. Please refer to each program’s webpage for additional details.

Admission to Health Professions Programs

Admission to each program varies (see each discipline for details). Acceptance is based on matriculation at York College, completion of a minimum number of credits, specific prerequisite coursework and attainment of a minimum grade point average, and approval of the discipline Admissions Committee (see each discipline for details). Applicants are not considered “accepted” until they receive a letter from the respective department stating acceptance in a particular program.

Clinical Internships

Each of the programs of study at York includes a prescribed sequence of courses at the college and may include a prescribed period of clinical fieldwork. Refer to specific discipline for further information.

Clinical Laboratory Science
Science Building 004
(718) 262-2747

Health Science
Science Building 115
(718) 262-2907

Physician Assistant Program
Science Building 112
(718) 262-2823