Resources For Faculty / Staff

Resources For Faculty / Staff


Brightspace Support Resources for Faculty/Staff

Accessibility of Course Content

Accessibility of your instructional materials is crucial to meet the learning needs of our students with all abilities, internet connections, and devices. It is also a CUNY mandate that all instructional materials.

Please check out the Accessibility Resources page for tools that help make course content accessible.

Blackboard (till the end of Spring 2024) and Brightspace (starting in Summer 2024)

For the CTLET recommended workflow to set up your course in a Learning Management System (LMS) and tutorials, go to LMS Support for Faculty.

Classroom Technology Support by IT

IT provides all classroom technology support.

  • If you encounter issues with technologies in your classroom during your class, please call IT classroom support hotline: 718-262-5303.
  • For information and video tutorials on Hyflex classrooms, go to Hyflex Classroom Technology page.

CUNYfirst Faculty Center

For tutorials on accessing and using Faculty Center in CUNYfirst, go to the CUNY Faculty Resources site (you will need to log in with your CUNY Login ID to access the site).

If you encounter issues to access the Faculty Center, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Emails and Office 365

Faculty and staff can access their York email and Office 365 from the College website > Faculty/Staff > Email/Office 365. The login username is your CUNYfirst login ID.

If you encounter issues to access your york email and/or Office 365, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Office Computers

Your office computer login credential is your York Network ID.

To find out what your York Network ID is, check out the MyID page.

For issues and more information related to your office computer and Network ID, please contact the IT Helpdesk.


CUNY provides Zoom for teaching, learning and other University businesses. For Zoom features and tutorials, go to Zoom for Faculty.

Other York and CUNY Applications

Check out Resources for Faculty/Staff page.