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What is an online course?

Definitions of an online course, an asynchronous online course and a synchronous online course.

What is an online course?

An online course is conducted totally online using web platforms and technologies. Most of the online courses offered at York College and CUNY are using a platform called Blackboard (Bb). You will need to log in to Bb to find your online classes. If you don't know where to log in and how, here are the steps.  

What is asynchronous online course?

An asynchronous online course doesn't require students to attend online meetings at a fixed schedule and you can do all course work at their convenient time within the due dates. It usually has weekly learning units during which you’ll have to complete a set of assignments (interact with the course material, post in the discussion board, email your professors, collaborate with classmates on a little project, take a quiz…)

In your class schedule, if you see the section letters WEB, WB, or TBA, it means that it is an asynchronous online course. No class meeting time is listed.

What is a synchronous online course?

A synchronous online course will keep all weekly class meetings online. Your professor will tell you where to get on the online class meetings.

In your class schedule, if you see the meeting day(s) and time, it means that it is a synchronous online course.

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