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Quizzes or Exams FAQs

Use Firefox or Chrome browser. Other browsers may have problems. Do not use mobile phones for quizzes/exams.

How do I take a quiz/test/exam

  1. Go to the course page where the quiz/exam is posted.
  2. Click the quiz/test/exam link.
  3. Read the instructions carefully.
  4. Click the Begin button to start working on your quiz/exam. Depending on how your professor sets up the quiz/exam, you may see all questions displayed on one page or one question at a time.
  5. If the quiz/exam is timed, you will see a moving bar on the top indicating the time left.
  6. Click to expand "Question Completion Status:" on top of the test screen. You will see the question numbers displayed. 
  7. If your professor sets the test to prohibit backtracking, you cannot jump from one question to another except for the next. If your professor allows backtracking, you are able to jump to any question by clicking the question number on the top.                                  
  8. Blackboard will save your answer automatically when you move to the next question.
  9. After completing all questions, click Submit button.

What should I do if I got disconnected in the middle of my quiz/test/exam?

It depends on how your professor sets up the quiz or exam. In any case, you should try to get back to the quiz/test/exam right after your internet is back.

  • If the test is not set to “Force Completion,” you should get back in immediately to continue your quiz or exam. In this case, the timer will not re-start but continue. All the questions you have answered are saved. You don't need to answer them again.
  • If the test is set to “Force Completion,” the test must be completed in one sitting, and you cannot go back to continue if you are disconnected.  In this case, you should contact the professor right away to report the issue and to see if the professor can give you another chance.

How can I view my quiz/exam score and feedback?

  1. In your Blackboard course, click on "My Grades" link located on the Course Menu located on the left-hand side
  2. Click the quiz/exam name you wish to see. For example, the screenshot below is "Lab Safety Quiz."
  3. Click the quiz name, you will be on the "View Attempts" page.

My quiz grade

4. On the "View Attempts" page, click the score under "Calculated Grade" at the bottom right.

View test attempts

5. On the "Review Test Submission" page, if your professor allows, you will see the questions and answers to the quiz/exam as well as the professor's feedback. Click "OK" to exit. If you don't see the questions and/or aswers, it means that your professor set the quiz not to show the information to students.

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