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Adding assignment column to the calculated percentage column

This is a tutorial on how to add the assignment column to the calculated percentage (%) column for the category to which this assignment belongs.

If you have more than 4 assignments and types (e.g. 10 Reading Responses), follow the Create Calculated columns method. You will be able to categorize the assignment types such as exams, quizzes and responses. The grades in these top-level columns will tell students how they are doing in each of the grading category at any point of the semester.

  1. In your Bb course, go to the Course Management section located below the Course Menu and click “Grade Center”. Then click “Full Grade Center”.

2. Go to the weighted column representing the category to which the assignment belongs and click the action button (the chevron sign) on the right of the column name. In the screenshot example, we will be adding 5 Labs to the weighted column named "% Labs".

3. On the drop-down box select “Edit Column Information”.

4. Scroll down to “Select Columns” section. In the “Columns to Select” box on the left, select the assignment that belongs to this category. Then click the “>” arrow to move it to the “Selected Columns” box on the right.

5. Fill in 100% in the text field. Click "Submit". If a pop-up box appears, click “OK”.

6. Repeat these steps for all columns where you grade and record the scores. The assignment can be a paper assignment, quiz, exam, discussion forum, blog, etc.

Note: If you set YES to “Calculate as Running Total” in the Weighted Total column, enter “0” on cells where no assignment is submitted.