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Video Assignment FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Video Assignments and how to use YouTube everywhere in the text box.

Uploading a video to YouTube

  1. Go to and sign in. If you do not have one, create one on the upper right hand corner where it says "SIGN IN"

  2. Click "Upload" Click upload to begin uploading the video files

  3. Before selecting your files, set the privacy settings to "Unlisted" which will only allow users who have the link to watch your videoSet privacy to "Unlisted"

  4. Next, you can click to select video files or drag and drop them to begin uploading:
    a. To select a video file, hover the pointer to the icon and it will turn from grey to red. Click the icon and select your video file to upload Hover to select files
    b. To drag and drop your video from your local computer, press down the left mouse button and drag the file from your computer to the screen until the area turns green. Then release the mouse button to drop the video to your YouTube accountDrag and Drop video files
  5. During the uploading process, you can create a title and description for the video. You can also see your privacy settings, which is set to "Unlisted" Upload process
  6. Once the processing is complete and you finish editing the title and description, click Done

Adding Closed Captions in a YouTube video

Please follow the steps on how to use closed captioning to your YouTube videos. This feature displays text on the video screen to provide additional or interpretive information.

Accessing your videos

To access your videos, you must log in to your YouTube account.

  1. On the YouTube site, click on your login photo on the top-right
  2. Select "YouTube Studio Beta"
    Click YouTube Studio beta
  3. Click "Creator Studio Classic" on the bottom-left of the page then "Skip"

Unlike YouTube Studio Beta, Creator Studio Classic has the closed captioning feature.

Setting up the automatic Closed Captions for the first time

  1. In the Creator Studio Classic, go to Video Manager on the left-hand side then select "Videos"
  2. Click on the drop-down menu next to the video you wish to add the captions and select "Subtitles/CC"
    Click Subtitles and CC
  3. Select the video language (e.g., English) and check the box "Default for new uploads"
  4. Click "Set language"
    Set video language

Your automatic closed captioning will be on the right.

Editing Closed Captions on the Creator Studio

The automatic Closed Captions provide a transcription of the video. However, some of the words may not match up, or the words need to adjust to a specific time. To edit the transcription, go to the Creator Studio Classic, head to the Subtitles/CC page and follow these instructions:

  1. Under Published, click on "English (Automatic)"
    Click English (Automatic)
  2. Click the Unpublish button and then "Edit"
    Click Unpublisk then Edit
  3. Correct the text inside each text track
  4. If you need to add a text track, click on the "+" button
  5. To adjust the timing of the text, go to the timeline below the video. Here is a video tutorial on how to modify the timing
  6. When finished, click "Save changes"
    YouTube transcription view

Congrats! You created your closed captioning on your video

Advance Editing in YouTube CC

You can download the transcription, edit the text, upload them back to your video, and correct the timing. To do so, go to the Creator Studio Classic, head to the Subtitles/CC page and follow these instructions:

Downloading Transcription from YouTube

  1. Under Published, select your transcription
  2. Click the Action drop-down and select ".srt". If a dialog box appears, click to save the document to your computer
    Advance- Click srt file
  3. Find your newly created .srt file and rename it by ending with ".txt" (e.g., PuggCC story.txt)
  4. If a dialog box appears, click "Yes". Your transcription is saved as a text file
  5. Open the text file and begin to make changes to the text. DO NOT make changes to the times. Next, save the file
    Do not touch timestamp

Uploading your transcription to YouTube

  1. On the YouTube Creator Studio, head to Subtitle/CC page again and click on your transcription. Then click "Edit"
  2. In the Action drop-down, select "Upload a file"
    Advance- Click Upload a file
  3. Click "Browse…" and select your text file with your corrected transcription.
  4. Click "Upload". You corrected transcription will be formatted
  5. If you need to add a text track, click on the "+" button
  6. To adjust the timing of the text, go to the timeline below the video. Here is a video tutorial on how to modify the timing
  7. When finished, click "Save changes"
  8. A pop-up will appear to ask to overwrite the subtitles. Click "Publish"
    Advance- Click Publish

Your transcription is updated.

Final Product of YouTube CC

For more information in using closed captioning on YouTube, view the Edit or remove caption and Add your own subtitles & closed captions tutorials.

How to send my YouTube video link to my professor?

  1. On your YouTube video, click "Share"
    Click Share on the YouTube video
  2. Click "Copy" to copy the URL link
    Copy YouTube video link
  3. Paste the link to a text editor or email

How to embed video in Blackboard textbox editor?

  1. Log in to your YouTube account and go to your unlisted video pageClick Share
  2. Click the Embed tab. Copy the embed code highlighted in blueClick Embed
  3. Go to your assignment page whether its a discussion board or journal post
  4. In the Text box, type in a Name and click the HTML iconClick HTML
  5. A pop-up window “HTML code view” appears. Paste the embed code into this window and click "Update"
  6. Click "Submit" to complete your assignment

Now your unlisted video is embedded to your post.

CTLET York College CUNY Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0