Center For Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies

Center For Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies

Setting up Blackboard from Scratch in 5 Steps and 31 minutes and 50 seconds

What you will do in 3 minutes and 31 seconds:

Update your email address (if needed) Post a photo or personalize your avatar Manage frequency of Blackboard update emails Reduce visual clutter and collapse modules Change the layout Select a color theme

What you will do in 12 minutes:

Organizing your teaching drive and uploading your syllabus and other course materials Setting up your first learning activity: a syllabus quiz Setting up a discussion forum as a FAQ or for students to introduce themselves Creating a discussion forum Setting up your Grade Center Simplifying the default Grade Center setup Setting up your grading breakdown Re-ordering the columns in your Grade Center

What you will do in 9 minutes and 54 seconds:

The Course Learning Space and the Student’s view Editing the Contact Professor page and Turning the Home page into a Dashboard Making Learning Materials available; Making your syllabus available for downloading and creating an easily updatable and readily accessible Course schedule Adding and deleting menu links to tools and content areas; re-ordering links Organizing the menu in sections and inspecting your course space setup

What you will do in 2 minutes and 6 seconds:

Changing the looks of your course Making your course available Creating your first announcement

What you will do in 4 minutes and 19 seconds:

 Making your syllabus quiz count Scenario 1: If you already have a quiz grading category Scenario 2: If you don't have a quiz grading category Viewing and grading the syllabus quiz

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