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Creating a video assignment (1m59s)

Creating a video assignment audio

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Note: Illumira is the new name for Illumira (NJVID).

Using the Illumira (NJVID) tool (for video)

Creating a video assignment

In the Course Menu of your course page, click the plus sign in the mini action bar to add a Content Area.  Name it “Video Assignment(s)” and make it available to users.  Click on your newly created link, then, in the action bar, on the Tools button.  Select the Illumira (NJVID) Media Player tab.  Under the default By Name tab, select the Illumira (NJVID) Media Browser in the dropdown.  We suggest you start the name of your assignment with “Due” followed by a date and time, then by the topic. --BEEP-- Add instructions in the description box. If you use a rubric to grade the video assignment, attach the rubric file by clicking the paper clip icon in the text editor toolbar.--BEEP-- Otherwise, keep all as is and click on “Submit”. 

Clicking on “Submit” will bring you back to the Video Assignments page where your assignment named “Due followed by the date” is now listed with an action bar underneath it.  Click on the Course Settings button and check “Allow students to upload.” Then click on the close “X” icon on the right. 

If there is more than one video assignment, you can adjust the order of the assignments by clicking the double arrows on the right of the action bar. –BEEP -- If you have not done so already, in your posted Course Schedule, make sure to let your students know where they need to go to complete the video assignment.

Click on the Student View button to verify that everything is posted right.  Remember that the Student Preview may take a while to load.  --BEEP-- When students click on the Video Assignments link you created they should land on a page with your assignment and a button that allows them to upload their video.  Voilà, you can exit the Student Preview in the comforting knowledge that you did everything right.