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Creating a Turnitin rubric (54s)

Creating a Turnitin rubric audio

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Part of Creating a paper assignment

Step 2: Creating a Turnitin rubric

Go to the Course Management section, click on “Course Tools”, then on “Turnitin Assignments”. Click on your newly created assignment. On the “View Assignments” page click on the Libraries tab, then on the “Rubric/Form Manager”.  Click on the outline icon on the left of the top blue banner and select “Create New Rubric”.  On the page that opens you can modify the names of criteria, percentages, and scales simply by clicking on them. To add a criterion or a performance level, click on the plus sign, to remove one, click the trash can icon. You may need to scroll up and down, or left and right to see all criteria and levels.  Click on each of the cells corresponding to a criterion and performance level to fill in a description.  When completed, click Save. –BEEP--