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If you used the Blackboard Assignment tool for the Final (1m46s)

If you used the Blackboard Assignment tool for the Final audio

audio/mpeg BB assignment tool for final.mp3 — 1666 KB


Scenario 4

If you used the Blackboard Assignments tool for the final

  • If you used the Blackboard Assignments tool to create the final, Blackboard automatically created a grading column.  In the “Course Management” section, go to the “Full Grade Center,” and remember that the column may have fallen off your screen as Blackboard places new columns always at the very end.  In the action bar, go to “Manage,” then “Column Organization” and re-order the columns as you see fit. To make the grades in this column count in the total, go to the weighted final column you created at the start of the semester, the one with the % sign at the beginning of its name, and click on the action button, then on “Edit Column Information.” Scroll down to the “Columns to Select” box, select the column created for the final and use the arrow to move it to the “Selected Columns” box. Make it count for 100%. Leave all else on this page as is, click on Submit.
  • In the “Full Grade Center,” click in the cells with the yellow exclamation mark and click on the hidden action button that will appear. Select the “Attempt followed by date” option to review and grade. On the “Grade Assignment” page, use the down arrow icon in the right panel to download the assignment. Then open and review it on your computer. Enter a grade and add feedback in the right panel. Click Submit button to save grades and feedback. 
  • When finished, use the arrows on both sides of the student name in the top panel to view and grade the paper final of the next or previous student! Yay!