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Viewing and Grading student’s group blogs (59s)

Viewing and Grading student’s group blogs audio

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Viewing and Grading student’s group blogs

If you want to interact with students on group blogs before the due date, go to the Course Management section. Click on “Course Tools,” then on “Blogs”. Click on each of the group blog link to review and leave comments on students’ blog entries.

To grade the group blog assignment, in your Course Management section—the home office—go to the “Full Grade Center” and find the group blog columns.  The yellow exclamation marks in the cells indicate that students have posted their group blog entries. To review and grade them, move your cursor anywhere in a cell with an exclamation mark and click on the hidden action button that will appear.  Select “Grade User Activity” and use the panel on the right to grade and leave feedback. --BEEP-- Click “Submit”.

When finished, use the arrows on both sides of the student name in that panel to view and grade the blog of the next or previous student!  Yay!