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1.5.1 Making your syllabus Quiz- Scenario 2 (2m7s)

1.5.1 Making your syllabus Quiz- Scenario 2 (If you don't have a quiz grading category) audio

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1.5.1 Making your syllabus quiz count

Scenario 2: If you don't have a quiz grading category

In the Course Management section of your Course page, go to the "Grade Center," then, in the "Full Grade Center," find the syllabus quiz column that Blackboard created. Note that this column will be hiding all at the end of the Grade Center; if it has fallen off your screen, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to find it. Next, in the action bar, go to “Manage,” then to "Column Organization" to reorder the columns as you see fit. [BEEP]

In the Full Grade Center view, go to the “Create Calculated Column” and choose “Weighted Column.” For now, ignore all options; as for naming the column: to mark that this column is weighted, let the name start with the percentage sign (%) and fill in “%Syllabus Quiz”. It may feel and look quirky but you won’t regret it when working in the grade center later on. [BEEP] Scroll down to the Select Columns and in the Columns to Select box select the newly created syllabus quiz; with the arrow move it to the Selected Column box and put in 100%. Then click "OK" to override the warning that may pop up. [BEEP] Don’t forget to click on "Submit." [BEEP]

Back in the Full Grade Center, go to Blackboard’s default “Weighted Total” column. Click on the action button on the right of the column, scroll down and click “Edit Column Information.” Scroll down to the Select Columns section and in the box on the left, select the weighted column you just created—the one with the percentage sign-- then use the arrow to move it to the Selected Columns box on the right. [BEEP] Now, enter the percentage you assigned to the syllabus quiz. [BEEP] When done, click once outside the percentage box to see the final total weight percentage. You may need to adjust the percentages of other categories so that the total weighing is 100%. To finish, for now, leave the default options selected and move straight to the Submit button. [BEEP]