The COVID Testing Site at York College is now closed.  Effective Tuesday, May 23 at 5pm, CUNY is ending the vaccination mandate for students, faculty, and staff. Cleared4 passes will no longer be required for campus access.
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1.4.3 Creating your first announcement (44s)

1.4.3 Creating your first announcement audio

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1.4.3 Creating your first announcement

Now it’s time to let your students know that your course is ready: re-enter your course, click on the dashboard link, then, in the Announcements module, on the More Announcements link in the bottom right corner. Create your first announcement. We suggest that aside from welcoming your students and directing them to your syllabus and the course schedule, you also invite them to take their first “Syllabus quiz.” Also, direct your students to the Blackboard for Students website by adding a link to “Blackboard for Students” page. [BEEP] Choose to email a copy of the announcement to your students immediately. One last recommendation: remember to click on … “Submit!”