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1.4.2 Making your course available (38s)

1.4.2 Making your course available audio

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1.4.2 Making your course available

January 2019 update: With the recent upgrade to Blackboard, in addition to the previous method, it is now possible to change course availability from almost anywhere in your course, with one click. To do so, click the lock icon in the upper right area of your course. The only exception to this is when you’re on a Bb tool page (Discussion Board, Announcements, Journal, Blog, Assignment, etc.) A button that appears in the top right area of the screen that allows you to edit course availability with one click.


Done setting up? Almost… Click the Home tab in the blue CUNY banner, and in the My Courses module, note that your course is still listed as “not currently available.” To make it available: click on the course link and in the Course Management section, click on “Customization,” then on “Properties.” Leave all the options as is and only change the course availability setting. Click on “Submit.” [BEEP] Now go back to the My Courses module on the Blackboard Home tab and double check that your course is indeed available.