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Services that the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) Provides to Qualifying Students.

Assistance Can be Provided on:

  • Priority Registration: Students registered with the CSD office are given priority registration for classes each semester.
  • Classroom Accommodations: CSD facilitates the implementation of classroom accommodations as needed. These include ensuring that accessible desks are placed in rooms where needed; providing note-taking and sign-language interpreting services when needed; and ensuring that classroom material is available in an accessible format.
  • Testing Accommodations: CSD students may receive accommodations for their exams, such as extended time, a low-distraction environment, readers and/or scribes, or specific kinds of assistive technology to help students complete an exam. All exams are administered in our specialized, low-distraction testing lab.
  • Assistive Technology: The CSD office has a variety of assistive devices and software designed to help students succeed in the classroom and on tests. These range from devices like digital recorders or smartpens (pens that record audio and sync it with a digital image of written notes) to software that reads virtual textbooks or magnifies screens.
  • CSD Computer Lab: Located in room 1G02J, the CSD computer lab has a full offering of assistive devices and software, as well as research software and printing/scanning services.
  • CUNY LEADS: The CUNY LEADS program is a career counseling service specifically for students with disabilities. CSD students can meet with our CUNY LEADS counselor for resume assistance, interview preparation, and information about employment and internship opportunities. Visit the CUNY Disability Services Website for more information about CUNY LEADS.
  • Information & Referrals: CSD can refer students to on-campus and outside agencies that can help provide the assistance that students may need for on- and off-campus life. Visit our Resources page for links to off-campus agencies.