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Below are answers to commonly asked questions that faculty and staff have about the Center for Students with Disabilities and the services that we provide.

Frequently Asked Question

What are disability accommodations or academic adjustments?

How does CSD determine what accommodations a student gets?

How will I know that there is a student with a disability in my class?

What if I don’t understand or agree with a student’s accommodations?

Who is allowed to know about a student’s disability status or accommodations?

How can I direct students who may need services to the CSD office?

What should I do if a student with a disability has a conduct issue in class?

What can I do to make my class more inclusive to people with disabilities?

If a student is allowed to record my class as an accommodation, doesn’t this violate my right to my intellectual property (i.e. my lecture)?

What should I do if a student with accommodations has to take an exam for my class?

What steps does CSD take to ensure that academic integrity is preserved during exams?

If you have any specific questions that aren't answered here, please contact us via phone (718-262-2191), email (, or stop by our office in Room 1G02.


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