Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Umma K.

Analytical Research and Development Chemist at Ascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I wanted to pursue my career in the pharmaceutical industry, and through the Pharmaceutical Science and Business Master’s Program at York College, I gained extensive knowledge about pharmaceutical research and development, rules and regulations of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and pharmaceutical management. The acquired knowledge helped me to qualify for different positions in pharmaceutical companies. I have gained theoretical and practical lab experience, which made me capable to go through my interview processes as a competitive candidate, and eventually landing a job as Analytical Chemist at Ascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The professors and faculty members are very knowledgeable, experienced, helpful, caring, and very supportive to their students. Through this program, not only did I gain knowledge and a degree, but I also built long-lasting connections with the professors. Their advice and their guidance helped me to achieve my career goals in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

I strongly recommend this affordable master’s program to the students seeking opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and I believe obtaining this degree will bring success in their Professional life.