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Karishma G.

Quality Control Chemist at Epic Pharma.

"My name is Karishma G. and I am proud to say that I am the holder of a distinguished Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science and Business, awarded by CUNY York College. I have great confidence in recommending this program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

The program provided me with the opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable professors and mentors who make it their duty to advise and lead the graduate students towards success. I was encouraged to engage in all my classes, and this engagement led me to participate in several research programs.

This master’s degree enabled me to be a competitive candidate in the hiring process of several pharmaceutical companies. Eventually, I was hired as a Quality Control Chemist, and I am now responsible for testing in-process and finished pharmaceutical products to ensure they meet quality specifications. All thanks to York’s Master’s Program, when I work in the lab, I am confident in my abilities and skills as a scientist."