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Designated Advisor Roster

To obtain advisement for a declared Psychology, Sociology, or Political Science major or minor, please contact the faculty member who is the designated program advisor in Summer 2023.

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Psychology Major and Minor

Last Name Begins

DEsignated Advisor

Contact information

Aaa - Bas

Dr. William Ashton

Bat - Cle

Dr. Olga Berwid

Clf - Foa

Dr. Donna Chirico

Fob - Jag

Dr. Kristin Davies

Jah - Mac

Dr. Robert Duncan

Mad - Moh

Dr. Ian Hansen

Moi - Peq

Dr. David Johnson

Per - Roe

Dr. Kathariya Mokrue

Rof - Tag

Dr. Lawrence Preiser

Tah - Zzz

Dr. Julieanne Guadalupe

Sociology Major and Minor

last name begins

Designated Advisor

Contact Information

Aaa - Fey

Dr. Jacob Apkarian

Fez - Mcr

Dr. Michelle Gregory

Mcs - Ros

Dr. Tania Levey

Rot - Zzz

Dr. Xiaodan Zhang

Political Science Major and Minors

last name begins

Designated Advisor

Contact Information

A - G

Dr. Robin Harper

H - L

Dr. Michael Sharpe

M - Z

Dr. Anthony Sparacino

*Pre-Law Minor and Public Administration Minor

Dr. Robin Harper

*International Relations Minor

Dr. Michael Sharpe