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Designated Advisor Roster

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

To obtain advisement for a declared Psychology, Sociology, or Political Science major or minor listed below, please contact the faculty member who is your designated program advisor. To determine who your advisor is, identify the faculty member who advises students with last names that begin with letters in the ranges below.

Example: Emira Smith is a Psychology major whose last name begins with Smi. Emira's advisor is Prof. Preiser.

Psychology Major and Minor

Last name begins        Designated Advisor               Contact information

Aaa - Bar                      Prof. William Ashton       

Bas - Cea                      Prof. Susan Austin         

Ceb - Dul                      Prof. Olga Berwid           

Dum - Fer                     Prof. Donna Chirico        

Fes - Heq                      Prof. Kristin Davies         

Her - Khe                      Prof. Robert Duncan       

Khi - Max                      Prof. Ian Hansen            

May - Nic                      Prof. David Johnson        

Nid - Pos                       Prof. Deborah Majerovitz

Pot - Sah                       Prof. Kathariya Mokrue   

Sai - Tha                       Prof. Lawrence Preiser    

The - Zzz                       Prof. Francisco Villegas   

Sociology Major and Minor

Last name begins         Designated Advisor               Contact information

A - E                             Prof. Jacob Apkarian       

F - L                              Prof. Michele Gregory      

M - R                             Prof. Tania Levey            

S - Z                             Prof. Xiaodan Zhang       

Political Science Major and Minor

Last Name begins            Designated Advisor         Contact information           

A - I                                 Prof. Robin Harper                   

J - Z                                 Prof. Michael Sharpe 

Pre-Law Studies and Public Administration Minors: contact Prof. Robin Harper at

Aviation Policy and International Relations Minors: contact Prof. Michael Sharpe at