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Department of Behavioral Sciences

The disciplines of Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology combine academic excellence with a strong focus on community service. Students have the opportunity for community-based internships as well as independent research and study with individual faculty members.

Political Science

The Political Science program is aligned with the mission of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and York College in the following ways. We strive to provide students with the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for careers, as well as graduate and professional studies, and to contribute as active citizens in our ever-changing interdependent world. Our students will develop critical reading, writing and thinking skills to evaluate the structure and operation of politics and power, including their own and other political systems. The Political Science program encourages community service and social responsibility both through our course work and community-based internships. Students have an opportunity to do independent research to gain research experience and mentorship from individual faculty members. We offer a flexible program that serves the interests of our diverse and multicultural college community. The program will provide the foundation for students to become informed, active, socially responsible, and ethical citizens, professionals, and leaders.


The mission of the Psychology discipline is to encompass the knowledge, skills, and values that are necessary for students to acquire as undergraduates within the context of a liberal arts education while incorporating the broad theoretical and research bases of psychology using a variety of pedagogical models to prepare them for entrance into the workforce or acceptance into graduate or professional schools upon receipt of the baccalaureate degree. Students will reflect upon the importance of diversity and cross-cultural issues in the discipline.


The Sociology Program's aim is to foster students' cultural and social awareness, intellectual and personal growth and respect for diverse communities. The Program is therefore designed to prepare students to read, think, argue and write critically about social issues, relationships and institutions, recognize trends and patterns of social behavior and to analyze factors which shape human societies. Students also develop quantitative literacy skills and the ability to conduct research. These program objectives play a larger role, as they are also part of the York College mission statement. The sociology program objectives are accomplished by offering a broad based curriculum based on theory, concepts, critical thinking and analysis and research methods.

Department of Behavioral Sciences
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Office Hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm, Monday and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

For Advisement, please check the Designated Advisor Roster on our webpage and follow the instructions to contact your designated advisor via email. If you would like to contact us for other inquiries please call Andrea Mcleod-Spruill (718) 262-2682 or Keisha Bascom (718) 262-2681.



Designated Criminal Justice minor advisor – Dr. Jake Apkarian,

Register for your Summer and Fall 2024 Criminal Justice minor classes now.

In summer (session II), we will be offering:
SOC 255 - Deviance and Social Control.
In Fall, we will be offering three classes: 1) POL 275 – Introduction to Law 2) POL/SOC 349 – Special topic is: Criminal Justice, from Rehabilitation to Mass Incarceration and 3) SOC 354 - Criminal Justice Administration (SOC 254 is the prerequisite for this class).

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