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Research Pool

The research pool provides students in specified courses in Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Anthropology an opportunity to take part in actual research studies in the discipline by making participation a class requirement.

The research pool also provides faculty and advanced students in our departments with participants for research projects. The research pool does this by matching students who are seeking to participate in a research study with researchers who need participants for their studies.

The research pool is a valuable resource for York College students. Participation in a research study is the norm for college and university undergraduates across the country. Now, because of the research pool, our students have the same insights to our disciplines as graduates of other colleges.

Another advantage the research pool provides is to our faculty and student researchers. Finding people ready to take part in a research study is a daunting task for a researcher in the behavioral or social sciences. In order to facilitate the conduct of research, many schools have implemented a research pool. York’s research pool has been an invaluable tool for almost every researcher at York in the behavioral or social sciences. Also, the existence of a research pool demonstrates institutional support for research when writing and securing external grant funding for research.

Research Pool Manager

For questions about the research pool, in general, and problems with SONA, contact the Research Pool manager:

Ms. Karen Manifold, Behavioral Sciences, CLT
Office: AC-4F-16
Phone: 718-262-2800

Research Pool Coordinator

Dr. David Johnson, Behavioral Sciences

Research Pool Committee

Dr. Olga Berwid, Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Deborah Majerovitz, Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Gila Acker, Social Work