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DegreeWorks FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about DegreeWorks, Online Advisement System

What is DegreeWorks?
How do I access DegreeWorks
How do I benefit from using DegreeWorks?
What if I think my worksheet is incorrect?
How is a DegreeWorks worksheet different from a transcript?
If this is not an official review of my degree requirements, where can I go to find out what other requirements I might need?
I took courses at another school and received an equivalent. Why are they not showing in my major on DegreeWorks?
According to my audit, “Credits Applied” indicates I have more credits than I’ve actually completed. Why?
Why are my newly registered courses or classes currently in-progress (IP) not appearing on my DegreeWorks worksheet?
How long is it before DegreeWorks will be updated?
What is SEP?
Why does DegreeWorks show “Concentration is required”?
How can I see my courses applied to a different major, minor or other plan?
What should I do if I have a question about my requirements?
How do I determine my catalog year?
What does the “Not Counted” section at the end of my DegreeWorks mean?
What does “Elective Classes Allowed” mean?
Does the “Electives Not Allowed” section mean that these credits are not being counted towards my degree?
I have obtained an exception (or substitution) in order to fulfill my major/minor/etc., but inDegreeWorks, it states that my major/minor/etc. has not been fulfilled. How do I know if my substitution has been approved? And when will it show on DegreeWorks?
One of my courses is under the “Insufficient” section, however the course grade has now changed to a letter grade. When will this update?
I receive a 0718 message (or another error message) when I try to access my audit. What should I do?
DegreeWorks placed one of my courses in two different places. Is that OK?
I have seen the ‘@’ symbol in several places on my audit. What does that mean?
Will I be graduated if everything is checked off?
Where can I find more information on DegreeWorks?