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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, academic advisement services are available via phone, video conference and/or email. To connect with an academic advisor, email us at advisement@york.cuny.edu or call 718-262-2280.  To help us serve you more quickly, please remember to include your 8-digit CUNY EMPL ID number and full name in your communication.

Academic Advisement Center

Your Success is Our Success!

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We Help Students

We are Here to Help

The Academic Advisement Center help students:

  • make decisions related to their academic careers at York College
  • understand graduation requirements, and how they impact course selection and academic schedules
  • develop an educational plan for persisting to graduation
  • understand York College programs, policies, procedures and resources
  • research various majors, and where they can lead after graduation
  • explore life goals, values, abilities, interests, and possible challenges
  • evaluate or reevaluate progress toward established goals and educational plans
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Who We Advise

Connect with Your Advisor

Who is Advised in the Academic Advisement Center?

  • All entering freshmen
  • Incoming transfer students who have not declared a major
  • Continuing students who have not declared a major

PLEASE NOTE: Students with a declared major are advised by faculty advisors. During the summer months, the Academic Advisement Center provides some advising support to continuing and incoming transfer students with declared majors. Non-degree seeking students can access advising services at the Academic Advisement Center, but it is not required.

For more information about academic advising and other services provided, read the Advisement ABCs: A Quick Guide for Entering Students.

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Advising Resources

Services Provided

The Academic Advisement Center provides advising services through appointments and walk-ins. Advisement sessions are student-centered and delivered in one-on-one or group settings and via email.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have an advising appointment, you will be served on a first-come-first-served basis.  Examples of walk-in and remote advising topics:

  • Drop/add/swap class
  • Semester and long-term academic planning
  • Discussion how to change your major
  • Explore declaring a major
  • Issues with registration (e.g., ADV hold)
  • Event sign-up (e.g., workshops)
  • NESS seminar support or questions
  • Academic advisor needs to sign document
  • Referrals to other offices or services
  • Clarification of academic policies

How to Schedule an Advising Appointment

  • Stop by the Academic Advisement Center, Academic Core Building, Room 2C01
  • Call 718-262-2280
  • Email advisement@york.cuny.edu

How to Prepare for an Advising Appointment

Academic advisors are excited about helping you achieve your academic and professional goals.  To prepare for your advising session please write the following down or note it in your mobile devices:

  1. Log into DegreeWorks and verify the classes you are currently taking.
  2. Identify classes you will need to take next semester and/or during the Winter or Summer Sessions. Please remember to graduate within 4 years, you should take 15 credits/semester or 30 credits each year.
  3. If the course schedule is available, log into your CUNYfirst account, search classes and create your perfect class schedule.
  4. If you are undeclared or considering a major change, based on your interests, skills, abilities, and career goals, identify at least three possible majors you could declare.  If you need additional assistance, stop by Career Services, Academic Core - Room 3M01.
  5. Prepare any questions you might have for the academic advisor in advance.

If you are on academic probation, please go to the Counseling Center, Academic Core - Room 1G03, for additional guidance.

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What To Expect

Academic Advisement

What can I expect when I meet with my academic advisor?

  • Courteous, caring, respectful, and supportive guidance to help you explore and discover your academic and career goals. 
  • Help with academic planning and career guidance consistent with your interests, values, and goals.
  • Provide accurate information about academic requirements, CUNY and York College policies and procedures, and campus resources.
  • Referrals to the appropriate resources to support your academic and career goals.

  • Understand and explain the technology used to help you successfully navigate your educational journey (DegreeWorks, CUNYfirst, York email account).

What is expected of me as a student?

  • Make appointments each semester for advisement, come to appointments on time, and contact your advisor to reschedule if you need to cancel.
  • Courteous and respectful interactions.
  • Arrive to your appointments prepared. Write down questions and concerns in advance. Refer to your degree audit and educational plan in DegreeWorks to review requirements and course suggestions. Review degree requirements you have already completed and plan for those not yet fulfilled.
  • Understand and use the technology that will help you successfully navigate your educational journey (DegreeWorks, CUNYfirst, York email account).
  • Take responsibility for the choices you make during your time at York College! You are ultimately responsible for your academic and career decisions. The academic advisor provides guidance and information to help you make informed choices.

For more information about academic advising and other services provided, read the Advisement ABCs: A Quick Guide for Entering Students.

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Email Advising

Email Advising

We understand that it is not always practical for students to be advised on campus face-to-face. As a result, we are happy to offer email advising as an alternative advising experience. However, please note, some discussions are more appropriate for a face-to-face session.  

You are eligible for email advising if:

  • You have earned 30 or more credits
  • You are not interested in a competitive enrollment program (e.g., nursing, OT, Clinical Lab Science, Physical Education) 
  • You are not on academic probation
  • You have already earned a Bachelor's degree

Email Advising Schedule

Summer/Fall: Begins the first week of April and ends the second week of August

Winter/Spring: Begins the first week of November and ends the second week of January

To be advised by e-mail, please complete the Email Advising form. 

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Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Office Location Phone
Academic Advisement Center AC-2C01 718-262-2280
Admissions AC-1B07 718-262-2165
Bursar AC-1H01 718-262-2186
Business Office AC-1H12 718-262-2105
Career Services AC-3E03 718-262-2282
Center for Students with Disabilities AC-1G02 718-262-2191
Collaborative Learning Center (Tutoring) AC-1C18 718-262-2303
Counseling Center AC-1G03 718-262-2272
CUNY Language Immersion Program/ESL SC-114 718-262-3766
Health Services AC-1F01 718-262-2050
Honors Program AC-4D05 718-262-5279
IT Service Desk AC-2E03D 718-262-5311
International Student Office AC-1H06 718-262-2068
Library AC-3G02 718-262-2023
Men's Center AC-3M02 718-262-3772
Office of the Registrar AC-1H06 718-262-2147
Public Safety and Security AC-1M02 718-262-2222
Scholarship Center AC-4DA1 718-262-5343
Student Academic Services AC-4G04 718-262-2770
Student Activities AC-1E01 718-262-2285
Student Development AC-2F01 718-262-2152
Student Financial Services AC-1M08 718-262-2230
Student Support Services AC-3E03 718-262-2423
Testing Center AC-1G05 718-262-2012
Title IX Coordinator AC-2H05 718-262-2137
Undergraduate Research AC-3E07B 718-262-2813
Office of Veterans Affairs AC-2D07 718-262-5298

Women's Center

AC-3C01 718-262-2008

Taking 30 credits per year = on-time graduation!

At CUNY, it doesn’t cost more to take 15 credits vs. 12 credits

per semester.