Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for the Physician Assistant Program at York College.

PA Program Tuition and Fees are equivalent to the Graduate Tuition and Fees schedule as published in the York College Bulletin. Tuition and Fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York at any time. The tuition and fees schedule for the PA Program is as follows:

Effective Fall 2016

Graduate Tuition NY State Resident Non – NY State Resident
Full-Time Students$5,056 per semester$780 per credit
Summer & Winter Semesters$425 per credit$780 per credit
Maintenance of Matriculation$210 per semester$340 per semester
Total Tuition For Entire PA Program$34,230$69,800


Excellence Fee:Semesters
Fall Semester$800  
Winter Semester$0
Spring Semester$800  
Summer Semester$800 
Fall Semester$800  
Spring Semester$800  
Summer Semester$800  
Fall Semester$800  
Total Excellence Fees For Entire PA Program$5,600


PA Program Course Fees: 
HPPA 502 Physical Diagnosis Lab 1$100 Didactic Phase Fall Semester
HPPA 504 Clinical Anatomy$100 Didactic Phase Fall Semester
HPPA 522 Physical Diagnosis Lab 2$100 Didactic Phase Spring Semester
HPPA 530 Evidence Based Medicine$150 Didactic Phase Spring Semester
HPPA 540 Clinical Correlations Seminar I$100 Didactic Phase Summer Semester
HPPA 552 Clinical Correlations Seminar II$100 Didactic Phase Fall Semester
HPPA 554 Emergency Medicine$200 Didactic Phase Fall Semester
HPPA 556 Clinical Skills$100 Didactic Phase Fall Semester
9 Clinical Rotations @ $200 per Rotation$1800 Clinical Phase Fall, Spring, & Summer
Total Course Fees For Entire PA Program      $2,750


The University Fees:Fall/Spring  Summer
Association Fee$67.15$47.15
Consolidated Fee$15.00$15.00
Technology Fee$125$62.50
University Government Fee$1.45$1.45
Total Per Semester$208.60$126.10
Total University Fees For Entire Program  $1,295.20


PA Program Books and Equipment Expenses:Approximate Cost
Equipment expenses incurred in the first semester$1,200
Books: Didactic Year

$1500 ($500 Fall,

$500 Spring, $500 Summer)

Books: Clinical Year

$750 ($250 Fall,

$250 Spring, $250 Summer)

Estimated Total Cost:NY State Resident Non-NY State Resident
28 Months PA Master’s Program$47,325$82,895

CUNY York College Application Fee: $125
CUNY Transfer Student Application Fee: $70 (approximately)

Withdrawal / Refund Policy

Refund ScheduleFall & Spring SessionSummer Session
Withdrawal before the scheduled opening date of the session100 %100 %
Withdrawal in order to register at another unit of The City University during that semester100 %100 %
Withdrawal within one week after the scheduled opening date of the session75 %50 %
Withdrawal during the second week after the scheduled opening date of the session50 %25 %
Withdrawal during the third week after the scheduled opening date of the session25 %None
Withdrawal after the completion of the third week of the sessionNone

Note: Students who take a leave of absence after the first day of classes are liable for tuition and fees in accordance with the above schedule of refunds.
Please refer to the York College bulletin for further information.