The VITA Program

VITA is a free tax preparation program that is offered to low income, elderly and disabled members of the community who are not able to pay for these services.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-sponsored program established more than 40 years ago by the Federal Government. The core objective of VITA is to provide underserved communities and low-to-moderate income individuals who cannot afford professional tax preparation services with free tax filing I assistance.

York VITA was established by Professor Robert Clovey in 2008. Since its inception, the York VITA program has served in excess of 10,000 clients and has generated more than $15 million in Federal and New York State income tax refunds for clients. In addition, the program has saved community residents more than $3.5 million in tax filing fees.

Each tax season, the VITA program recruits approximately 150 students to work in the program. Training for the program occurs during the fall semester with actual tax preparation and serving of clients takes place in the spring semester during the months of January through April. The program is an initiative sponsored by York College and by the department of Accounting and Finance.

For whom do we do tax returns?

We prepare tax returns for:
  • Individuals with Forms W2, 1099MISC, 1099R, SSA, SSI, 1099G, 1099INT
  • Students and Scholars on F1, F2, J1 or J2 visas.
  • Self-employed taxpayers (All expense items must be properly documented.)

We DO NOT prepare tax returns for individuals with:

  • Investment income or loss.
  • Income from rental property.
  • Self-employed taxpayers with business expenses above $5,000, or losses.

Free Tax Prep Service For the College Community:

Service is available on Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm between February 1 and April 12, in the 4-G corridor. These days are for York students, staff and faculty only. No appointments are necessary. Service includes e-filing and direct deposit.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Only the following individuals need to make an appointment:

  • Self-employed or independent contractors (1099MISC, Schedule C-EZ, transactions in cash).
  • International students - please bring your passport.

What documents should I bring?

You will need to bring a picture Identification Card (ID); SSN Card (for taxpayer, spouse and all dependents) (or ITIN, if appropriate), voided check (if direct deposit is desired); all income statements - W2, 1099INT, 1099INT, SSI, SSA, 1099G; all other expense statements - tuition statements, mortgage interest statements, student loan interest, child care expenses, etc.

Please also check our Frequently Asked Questions page.