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Frequently Asked Questions about College Now

Am I eligible to take a College Now class?

You can take part in College Now if

  • you attend a New York City public high school
  • your private school tuition is paid for with public funds (for students with disabilities only)
  • you are home-schooled and can provide proof of registration with the New York City Department of Education

Who else will be in my College Now class?

There are two types of College Now classes:

  • Classes offered at a high school will only have students from that school
  • Classes offered at the York College campus will have students from different high schools.

Who teaches College Now classes?

All classes are taught by York College faculty members or instructors approved by the academic departments at York College.

Which colleges will accept the credit? How do I transfer it?

In most cases, College Now credits transfer directly within the CUNY system. Credits usually transfer to other colleges as well—even to those schools not affiliated with CUNY. You should check with the colleges you are applying to regard their credit transfer policies. To prove you earned the credits, you will need to supply an official transcript, which you can get from York's Registrar’s Office. See the Transferring Credits tab on the sidebar of this page.

Is there a limit to how many college credits I can earn through College Now?

The maximum number of credits a student can earn through College Now is 16 college credits.

How much does it all cost?

Participating in College Now costs you absolutely nothing. In fact, with Free tuition and Free books, you'll be saving money!

Will I receive a York College I.D. card?

Yes. All College Now students who take a course through College Now are issued a York College I.D. card.

What is the difference between College Now and Advanced Placement (AP)?

College Now is a free program that offers college-credit courses. Students who are successful in a credit course receive a transcript from the college showing the GPA and college credits earned. These credits will transfer to many institutions within and outside of CUNY.

Advanced Placement (AP) is a high school course preparing students for an exam that, depending on the student’s score, may earn credits at the college where a student matriculates. The College Board gives high school teachers the AP curriculum and training for a given course, and the school may or may not cover the costs of the AP exam. Scores of 4 or 5 will typically earn students either credit or an exemption from taking a specific course, although it is up to the individual college to determine eligible scores.

Can I drop a College Now Course?

Yes, a student can drop a College Now course. However, students are expected to complete all courses for which they register. Withdrawal is a serious matter and should only be considered after consultation with the instructor and high school liaison or representative of College Now. When withdrawing from a specific course, the student must inform his or her instructor as early as possible. Official withdrawals must be completed and submitted to York's College Now Office by the deadline date stipulated by the York College calendar.