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College Courses Offered

The College Now Program at York College typically offers approximately 40 classes in the fall and spring semesters.The program also offers six classes during the summer, which are listed under Summer Programs in the top bar of this website.

All classes offered in the fall and spring semesters are freshmen-level courses, and most of them fulfill general education requirements, called Pathways at CUNY colleges.Below is a list of courses that are usually offered during the academic school year.

Fall and Spring Semester Courses Offered

Course Code Course name Credits
ANTH 152 Medical Anthropology 3
BIO 110 Environmental Biology 3
BIO 120 Principles of Inheritance and Human Reproduction 3
CLDV 100 Introduction to Multi Cultural Studies in 21 Century 3
CS 172 Computer Science 4
FA 264 Painting I 3
FINC 101 Fundamentals of Financial Planning and Wealth 3
HE 314 Nutrition and Health 2
HIST 100 History of the Modern World Since 1815 3
HIST 277 The Caribbean Since Columbus 3
HPGC 101 Basic Concepts of Health Professions 2
MATH 111 Introduction to Statistics and Probability 4
MATH 120 Pre-Calculus 4
MUS 146 Jazz Improvisation I 2
MUS 246 Jazz Improvisation II 2
MUS 339 Jazz Ensenble III 2
MUS 439 Jazz Ensemble IV 2
PSY 102
Introductory Psychology 3
SOC 101 Introductory Sociology 3
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II 3
SPAN 105 Intermediate Spanish I 3
TA 110 Introduction to the Theatre 3