What is an online or hybrid course?

Definitions of an online and hybrid course.

Based on the York College Curriculum Committee Online Course Policy:

  • An online course (labeled WEB as section letters for the course) will be conducted totally online. Students will not meet with the instructor and each other in-person on campus for the entire semester, except for in-person office hours optionally.
  • A hybrid course will have 33% to 67% of class meetings in face-to-face format, the rest will be conducted online.

On the class schedule an online course section is designated with section letter WEB (or WEB + a number such as WEB1, WEB2). On the "Class Detail" page of the schedule an online course is denoted as "Fully Online" for the "Instruction Mode" while a hybrid course is denoted as "Hybrid" for the "Instruction Mode". You can also find the course mode information in the Notes area of the "Course Detail" page.