Online/Hybrid Course Information

This website provides information and guidance in the areas of technology and learning skills for students who take or plan to take online or hybrid courses at York College.

What is an online or hybrid course?
Definitions of an online and hybrid course.

Are online or hybrid courses right for you?
Find out if an online or hybrid course is right for you.

Accessibility Resources
On this page you will find resources on accessibility for education and technology.

Technological skills needed to take online/hybrid courses
Technology accounts and skills you should obtain before taking an online or a hybrid course.

Technical requirements for taking online/hybrid courses
Hardware and software required for taking online or hybrid courses.

Study Skills needed for success in online or hybrid courses
Watch the orientation video first, then review the study skills that can help you success in an online or hybrid courses.

Getting Started with Online Learning
The first few steps to start your first online course.

Technical Support
Ways to obtain help.

Online Discussion Etiquette Guide
Online communications guide for students.