Setting up your Blackboard

Your Email address in Blackboard

Your Professor often communicates with students using Blackboard Email tool.  You need to make sure that you have a valid York email address in Blackboard to receive email messages from your professor. To check or update your email in Blackboard, on the top right of a Blackboard page, click the triangle next to your name. On the drop-down box, the Global Navigation Menu, click on Tools, and then on Update Email.

Click on Update Email in the Global Navigation Menu
Follow the screen instructions to update your email address. Don’t forget to click Submit to save the change.


Checking Grades

If your professor posts grades on Blackboard, you can see them easily. On the top right of a Blackboard page, click the triangle next to your name to open the Global Navigation Menu. Then click the check mark icon on the blank band (see a screenshot below).  Or in your course on the course navigation menu click My Grades.

Check grades in My Grades in the Global Navigation Menu


Adding an avatar

Your avatar will appear in your posts on the Discussion Board, Blogs and Wikis. It provides an opportunity for your classmates to see a photo of you or your digital representation. To update your generic avatar, on the Global Navigation Menu, click Settings at the bottom of the popup window.  Then click on Personal Information.

Click on Personal Information in the Global Navigation Menu
Next, click on Personalize My Settings, then click on Browse My Computer button to find your photo or avatar. Last, click Submit.

Managing the frequency of getting Blackboard course updates in your mailbox

On the Global Navigation Menu, click on Settings, next on Edit Notification Settings, then on Edit General Settings.  When all is set up to your liking, click on Submit.

Finding your courses in Blackboard

You can find your course(s) in My Courses panel on the Blackboard Home page. As all campuses in CUNY use the same Blackboard, you will see all your courses, no matter which campus, in this panel.

If you registered your course(s) today, you will have access to your course site(s) in Blackboard the next day.

Not every course uses Blackboard and not every course site opens at the first day of the semester except for totally online courses. In these cases, you won’t see your course(s) listed in Blackboard although you have registered in the course(s). Check with your professor(s) to see if they use Blackboard and when they will open the course site(s).

Hide past courses that I no longer need to access

On Blackboard Home page, find My Courses module. Hover over the top right of this module, you will see a gear icon. Click on it to get on Personalize: My Courses page.
Hide your course by clicking on the gear icon on the right of the My Course module

In the Course Name column, uncheck the check-mark next to the course(s) you want to hide. Click Submit to save the change.

Navigating in your course site

You can access your course by clicking on the course link in My Courses panel on Blackboard’s Home page or the Global Navigation Menu. After entering your course, click each of the links on the left navigation menu to find course materials. Each course may have different menu arrangement. Your professor may explain how you can use the course site.

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