Blackboard Collaborate Ultra FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

How to participate in a webinar?

Use Chrome version 54+ or Firefox version 49+ for best experience.

Click the webinar link in your course to open the session window.

If you need to dial in to communicate in the webinar session, click the menu icon on the top left to open session menu. Click “Use your phone for audio” to obtain a phone number and a session ID.

Bb Collaborate Ultra Menu button

Bb Collaborate Ultra Menu button expanded

At the bottom of the session window you can use various icons to perform different actions.

Click the check-mark to toggle “Set Status and Feedback” panel. You can use emoticons and messages on the panel to communicate with your professor.  In order to add an avatar here, you need to add an avatar in Blackboard from the Global Navigation Menu.

Set status and feedback in Bb Collaborate Ultra               Bb collaborate panel that include your avatar, mic/video setup and raising hands            

You can also use the Chat tool to communicate with your professor and classmates by clicking the icon on the bottom right to open the collaborate panel, then click the Chat icon which looks like a call-out sign.

To leave a session, click the menu icon on the top left, then click “Leave session” at the bottom left.

How to access a recorded webinar session?

  1. On the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra page, click the Menu button on the top left of the black Sessions bar.
  2. Click Recordings.
  3. You should see a list of recent recordings. If a recording was posted a while ago, you need to change the date filter to see the recording.