Blackboard for Students

Get Ready for Your Online Courses!

Enroll in a self-paced training module "Get ready for your online courses!" and follow the instructions to complete the assignments.  Upon successful completion, you will obtain a certificate and become better prepared in using Blackboard for your online course work. 

Click the link below, you will be prompted to log in to Blackboard. After logging in, click the "Log in" button on the right. Next, click Submit and then Ok. Now you are enrolled in the course.

Get ready to take your online courses!

Interactive Support

All interactive support is housed in the Blackboard Online Helpdesk for Students course in Bb with separate links in the menu:

  • Live! Online Support Room (using the student (and faculty!) friendly Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool) offers walk-in for both course-specific and how-to questions related to Bb
  • Live! Online Tech Support Room (also using the Bb Collaborate Ultra tool) is also hosted by our Computer Lab staff under Elizabeth Chow and is providing support for questions on audio connections and computer or device settings as well as on Virtual Machine and softwares such as Adobe, SPSS, …
  • Post your Questions uses the Discussion Board tool for a Q&A forum monitored by our staff.

To Join the Live! Online Support Room and get help synchronously or post questions for our staff to respond asynchronously on the discussion forum in Blackboard, log in to Blackboard. On "My Courses" panel, find the course "Blackboard Online Help Desk for Students" and click it to get in. Then click "Live! Online Support Room" to meet one of our support staff and tell them how they can help you.


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