Making a test or quiz available in the Course Menu (3m4s)

Making a test or quiz available in the Course Menu audio

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Making a test or quiz available in the Course Menu

To make your test available in the Course Menu, in the action bar, click on the plus icon then choose “Content Area.” Type in a name “Quizzes” if you have more than one quiz and make available to users.  Don’t you quite like how the new quiz looks on the menu?  Use the double arrow icon in the action bar to reorder the links as you see fit. --BEEP-- Click on the newly created link and in the action bar, click on “Assessment” and then on “Test” where the test you just created in the home office is now listed. Select it and click on “Submit”. --BEEP-- Next, set the test options:  they are pretty straightforward. Click on “More Help” in the top banner if needed. Check the “Due Date” if you want students to see a due date in the Course Calendar, the Notification Dashboard, and the “To Do” module of your course Home Page as well as on their Blackboard Student app.

Three recommendations:

  1. Do not check “Forced Completion”.
  2. If you use timer, check the Auto-Submit “ON”.
  3. For once we do recommend that you limit the display time. --BEEP--

Finally, once again, click on “Submit” when finished! Now a grade column for this test or quiz is created in the Grade Center.

Let’s check on the grading column Blackboard created for your quiz.  In the Course Management section of your course page, go to the “Grade Center,” then in the “Full Grade Center,” find the quiz or test column that Blackboard created.  Note that this column will be hiding all at the end of the Grade Center. If it has fallen off your screen, use the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom to find it.  Next, in the action bar, go to “Manage,” then to “Column Organization” to reorder the columns as you see fit. --BEEP—
Next, go to the weighted total column for the grading category to which the test/quiz or exam belongs;--you know, the one with the (suggested) percentage mark at the beginning of the name.  Click on the action button to the right of the column name, then on “Edit Column Information”.  Scroll down to the Select Columns and in the Columns to Select box select the newly created quiz.  With the arrow, move it to the Selected Column box and put in 100%.  Then click “OK” to override the warning that may pop up.  –BEEP-- Don’t forget to click on “Submit”.

In your posted Course Schedule, make sure to let your students know where they need to go to complete the quiz.


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