Grading the group project (2m33s)

Grading the group project audio

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Grading the group project

Once the due date for the group project has passed: time to grade! Here is how you can view and grade them.

Grading the group product – the group wiki

In your Course Management section—the home office—click on “Course Tools,” then on “Wikis.” On the Wikis page, click the group wiki you want to grade. Review and assess the wiki content. –BEEP-- Then click “Participation and Grading” on the top right action bar to assign a grade for the wiki.  On the right panel, in the top box for grade Type, under Feedback to Learner leave your comments in the text box, --BEEP-- click “Submit.” Your grades will be automatically transferred to the group wiki column in the Grade Center.

To get a more detailed view of individual students’ contribution to the wiki, in the middle of the Participation Summary panel, you can see the Words Modified and Pages Saved by each of the group members.   Click on each of the students’ names to see each member’s contribution.


Grading individual contribution to the group project – the group journal

In your Course Management section—the home office—go to the “Full Grade Center” and find the group project columns.  Do you see the yellow exclamation marks in the cells for the group journals?  Move your cursor anywhere in a cell with an exclamation mark and click on the hidden action button that will appear.  Select “Grade User Activity”. Review what the student recorded about his/her work for the group project in the journal and their peer evaluation. –BEEP-- Combined with the information you obtained on the Participation Summary page of the group wiki, you can assign a grade for the student’s contribution. On the right panel, fill in the grade and leave feedback to the student. –BEEP-- Then click “Submit.” When finished, use the arrows on both sides of the student name in that panel to view and grade the contribution to group project of the next or previous student!  Yay!

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