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Spring 2024 Update

Information for YECA students participating in college courses during Spring 2024

This is a brief update regarding the end of the Winter session and the Spring 2024 college courses for York Early College Academy students. Final grades should be submitted at this point, be sure to check your student center in CUNYfirst.  Students who may have concerns about grades should reach out to the instructor(s) directly and copy (cc) me on the communication.

Spring 2024 semester begins on Thursday, January 25, 2024, and schedules are posted on CUNYfirst. Eligible students can view their class schedules in CUNYfirst for the most up to date room and instructor information. Textbooks for college courses are provided to York Early College Academy students free of charge. Electronic versions of most texts are available in the YECA Virtual Office on Blackboard. Courses with physical books can be picked up in the YECA Office, AC-1D03.

I am available via e-mail or at 718-262-2778 if you have any additional questions or concerns.  I wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season and the very best for the new year!

When will I receive my textbook and when do I return my textbook?

The courses will use electronic textbooks or other digital materials. Links and access to these materials will be indicated on the course syllabus and will be avaiable in the York Early College Academy Virtual Office on Blackboard.

What materials do I need?

Each instructor will provide a syllabus that will outline what any additional materials are needed for each course. However, students should be prepared with a notebook and writing utensils. Students may also use laptops or tablets. Please note that students are responsible for keeping track of their devices and personal property.

If I am struggling in class who should I talk to?

Students who have concerns about their performance or grades should speak to the instructor first. Having this initial conversation with the instructor will help students to express your concerns and get the needed support. Students should also communicate any concerns with Dr. Gordon or Mr. Madden.

How will I find out my final grades?

Each instructor must submit grades within 72 hours of the final exam. Students can view grades in CUNYfirst four-to-five days after the final exam.

If I do not agree with my final grade what should I do?

Students who do not agree with final grades must notify the instructor and the College Liaison in writing immediately. Any change in grade requires a formal protocol with the appropriate officials of the College. Students pursuing this course of action will be assisted by Mr. Madden.