Women's Center for Gender Justice

Women's Center for Gender Justice

Lactation Room

The Lactation Room Policies, Procedures and Reservation

The room is located in the Academic Core Building Room 1H11.  If there room is locked you may go to Public Safety (AC-1M01) and ask them to unlock it for you. Please log in as you normally would and select the date/time that you would like to use the room.  Please note that the room is available on a first come-first served basis. 

General Guidelines

The Lactation Room(s) is for use by nursing mothers only and may be used by employees and students. Employees may access the lactation room(s) only for the purposes of expressing, storing and collecting breast milk.
Mothers using the space are responsible for providing personal breast pumps and accessories.
Please respect the privacy of all lactation room users by knocking prior to entering the room. Never prop open the door.

Storage of Expressed Milk

York College is not responsible for the integrity or security of expressed milk stored in any refrigerator on campus. Lactating/Nursing parents may use campus refrigerators or may bring personal coolers to store expressed milk. Employees must use their own containers for storage of expressed milk while on campus.
Express milk stored in a campus refrigerator must be labeled with user’s name, department, telephone extension and date the milk was expressed.
It is the responsibility of each user to remove stored milk at the end of the business day. In the event of a power failure, during normal work hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm), employees are responsible to retrieve their stored breast milk.
It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that the refrigerator is kept clean.

Cleaning and Sanitation

It is the responsibility of everyone using the Lactation Room(s) to clean up after themselves. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. Each user should allow enough time, within your visit, to clean up spills after each use and dispose of trash properly. The custodial staff will clean the rooms as part of the regular cleaning schedule.