Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF)

Premier African-American organization featuring competitive annual leadership conference, networking, professional development, and scholarships. Open to any ethnicity.

Semira Swari- B.S. in Health Sciences
With the well-established connections from Career services Semira was able to become a candidate for The Thurgood Marshall College Fund(TMCF).

Bianca Fung A Loi- B.S. in Mathematics
With commitment and resilience Bianca sought out Career Services for a comprehensive guide to functioning in the professional field. Not only did Bianca learn proper interview etiquette, she secured a seat at the TMCF Conference.

Dupah Gobin- B.S. in Biology
Career Services allowed Dupah to be herself, a natural leader. Nevertheless, Career Services molded Dupah, while also guiding her in the right direction. As a result, Dupah has held numerous leadership positions and, she also became a participant in the TMCF.

Daniel Max Joseph- B.S. Biology
With the help of Career Services, Daniel was able to secure an internship that allowed him to put classroom theory into practice.

Xavier Crandle- B.A. in Economics
Xavier took advantage of every professional development opportunity he could, resulting in outstanding connections, experience, and fulfilling post-graduate dreams.

Peter Rybakov- B.A. in Psychology
Peter had the GPA and the tenacity, Career Services had the partnership with TMCF and other organizations.

Gurpreet Kaur- B.S. in Accounting
Gurpreet was able to maximize her educational experiences and skills to become a York College student leader, supported by CS staff.

Malika L. Jones - Student Ambassador, Thurgood Marshall
Career Services aided Ms Jones in participating in the TMCF Leadership Conference in Fall 2014, and now Malika is urging other York students to get the most out of college, also.