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Four Year College Plan

Career Services

Freshman Year

Self Assessment and Career Planning

  • Visit Career services website and activate your Cardinal Careers account
  • Attend Career Services Orientation, and research different career options
  • Meet with a Career counselor and develop a career path
  • Conduct a Focus2Careers self-assessment to find your help find your major,  strengths, values, interests
  • Get involved on campus by volunteering or joining a student club,
  • Volunteer off campus to acquire work experience and/or get a summer job at end of 1st year

Sophomore Year

Career Assessment, Develop Skills

  • Meet with a career counselor to evaluate your 4 year career path
  • Research companies to learn more about your career choice
  • Attend Cardinal Career workshops on how to choose a major, career path & apply to internships
  • Conduct informational interviews to learn about a career field
  • Develop your resume and have it critiqued by a Career Services counselor  
  • Select a major & find a mentor
  • During this semester or for the coming summer secure an internship
  • During the semester develop your communications, problem-solving, teamwork, by taking an active role in the colleges organizations

Junior Year

Gain Experience, Set Your Career Goal, Job and/or Graduate School

  • Meet with CS staff and formulate a job and/or graduate school plan
  • Research graduate schools timelines, applications and procedures tests needed to be taken, E.g.: LSAT, GRE, GMAT
  • Experience from past semester,  internship and/or on campus experience, should help you set your career goals
  • Apply for more internship, experiential learning opportunities, in your area, also take more leadership roles on and/or off campus
  • Attend Career Fairs, workshops and begin to network with potential employers. Compare your resume to a job description to assess your marketability

Senior Year

Implement and Transition

  • Develop a job search strategy or finalize graduate schools plans, includes mailing application to university
  • Attend job fairs and network with professionals, update resumes
  • Obtain references from employers and faculty
  • Prepare for job interviews and/or graduate school
  • Stay in communication with Career Services and continue to build your network
  • Refine your resume and cover letter to prepare for interviews
  • Create a “Plan B” if career path needs adjustment


Career Resource Center

Office Hours
Monday and Wednesday 9-5
Tuesday and Thursday 9-6
Friday 9-2
Academic Core - 3M01
Office Directory
Tel: 718-262-2282
Fax: 718-262-2039
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