HNIP (Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities National Internship Program)

Outstanding paid federal & corporate internships; Scholarships; Study abroad; Annual conference for students, professionals, policy makers.

Gianni Gustave-B.A. in French/Francophone Studies
With the encouragement of CS staff, Gianni secured an internship as a Program Coordinator, applied to HNIP, and has secured presentations for his clubs.

Mathieu Francois-B.S. in Accounting
Career Services counselors helped Mathieu Francois become an active member of York College through "one on one" counselling and constant evaluations.

Rosa Carolina Betances-B.S. Business Administration
By applying to federal and corporate internships via HNIP, Rosa learned to clarify her career goals and articulate her professional worth. Career Services staff helped her each step of the way.

Asma Begum- B.S. in Physician Assistant Studies
Career Services assisted Asma with developing professionally which resulted in her undertaking various projects.

Jaivar Anderson- B.S. Computer Science
Career Services assisted Jaivar Anderson with creating a career path and motivated him to become a student leader.