Strategic Planning

Committee Charge

"Assure that we are doing all things noted in the Strategic Plan, and that we are moving in the right direction, while considering/accommodating those new things that advance and support our mission."

Linking York Strategic Planning to Middle States Commission on Higher Education

A contingency of Strategic Planning Committee members attended the annual Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) meeting. The outcome was to emphasize the importance of the strategic planning in the re-affirmation process (due in the Spring 2018). Strategic Planning, the goals and metrics, and how the data are used in decision-making are critical for re-affirmation. All activity of the College is driven by the Strategic Plan.

On-going Assessment

Assessment of programs and departments is necessary to complete the Academic Program Reviews and link strategic plans to the budget process. Five areas of Academic Affairs were identified to report on assessment of gateway courses in their programs.

The Department of English reported on the assessment of two General Education courses, ENG 125 and 126 (Composition I and II). Writing samples from student were obtained and a rubric was used to analyze the content. Complete analysis was not ready by the meeting.

The Mathematics Department demonstrated assessment of three courses, MATH 111, 115, and 120. These courses are gateway courses for many programs at York. The Mathematics Department opened dialogues with the other departments to discuss their needs from the gateway Math courses. The department is in the process of developing early intervention schemes for students struggling with the skills identified by the other programs. Continued discussions will include time and types of interventions needed and how to deliver the interventions.

Gateway courses in Chemistry (CHEM 106, 107, 108, and 109) were assessed and produced findings that helped the faculty make changes to better serve the students. Required Math scores were raised, find additional peer funding opportunities, bolster the on-line practice exercises at students' expense, institute a pre-semester immersion program, and modify the format of CHEM 100.

Teacher Education conducted assessment research on several gateway courses. The department used practice exams from the new ALST state exam that tests reading and writing skill before issuing teaching certificates. Most CUNY students did not pass the new exam because they did not finish the test in the time allotted. From the data, the Department implemented a time management workshop and instituted methods that gave the students faster feedback on their written assignments. A survey conducted among these students indicated that the direct, faster feedback was very important.


A critical activity is to link discretionary funds allocations to the Strategic Plan. A new budget process has been piloted and implemented by the Finance Department. All requests for discretionary funds must be linked to the department plans which, in turn, are linked to the College's Strategic Plan. The templates for budget submission was submitted and reviewed.