Government and Community Relations


The Government and Community Relations department initiates and maintains York College’s relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials and government agencies as well as with civic leaders and representatives from community-based organizations.


  • To develop and strengthen relationships with City, State, and Federal officials, as well as with local government agency and civic organization representatives.
  • To inform key legislators on issues related to higher education policy and legislation to secure funding and programmatic support for the college.
  • To establish and maintain collaborative efforts between institutions of higher education to influence City, State, and Federal legislation impacting York College.
  • To work collaboratively to establish strategic community partnerships and promote civic engagement which are consistent with the college’s vision, mission, values, and goals.

The Director of Government and Community Relations also manages the Marketing and Communications department.

Marketing and Communications


The Marketing and Communications department is the official voice of York College and is responsible for communicating effectively and regularly with campus stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, prospective students and their parents, alumni, and external local and higher education community and media.


  • To promote and celebrate students and faculty achievements campus-wide and externally.
  • To provide official graphic design needs for the college.
  • To maintain and promote the college’s brand, image, and visibility.
  • To enhance outreach, reputation, and support by advancing the understanding and goals of the college.
  • To inform/update the college community on a regular basis.

Organizational Structure

The Organizational Chart for the Department of Government and Community Relations

Download GovtCommRelations-org-chart-ua.pdf — 16 KB