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When you watch the virtual celebration your name, your photo and personal quote (if you choose to submit one) and major(s) will be displayed on a slide.

Access to MarchingOrder have been sent to all potential graduating student. Students that have applied for graduation should have received an email invitation to upload their picture.

Aside from displaying your name on the screen during the celebration, MarchingOrder has a search function to find your personal slide. MarchingOrders gives you the capability to download your slide and share it with family and friends!

The MarchingOrder registration process is a two-step process. The first step is to apply for graduation. Please note, graduation is different from Commencement. Graduation refers to the process of applying for completion of your degree/certificate program with the registrar. If you have not yet applied for graduation through CUNYFirst, then you will not get a MarchingOrder email. Please check your preferred email on CUNY First before you apply for graduation. The deadline to apply for graduation for Spring 2021 was September 15, 2020. Any student that missed the deadline should contact the Office of the Registrar at

The second step is to register for MarchingOrder, using the email link sent to you. The email with the next steps for MarchingOrders is sent to your preferred email listed on CUNYFirst. After you have applied for graduation, AND been certified by the registrar’s office, you will receive an email to participate in the 2021Celebration.

Once you receive the email with the link to log into your personal MarchingOrder portal, please create your slide. Your slide may include a photo, personal quote as well as your majors/minors/honors based on GPA. Please follow the instructions to record your name phonically. MarchingOrders also records each student’s name. Please speak clearly and slowly when saying your name.

We will announce when MarchingOrder is available for customization of your slide.

DEADLINE: Has been extended to May 20, 2021