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Cap and gown

Orders received after 4/19/2024 are not guaranteed to be delivered before the Commencement Ceremony

Caps and gowns are available through Jostens - The system is open now! The deadline to place an order and receive it on time for graduation with a standard delivery fee is April 19, 2024. If you order after the deadline, expedited shipping fees may apply and you may not receive your cap order in time for the ceremony.  


Cap, gown, tassel & hood $55 plus shipping and handling


Cap, gown, tassel & hood $65 plus shipping and handling

Arts & Humanities

Anthropology (BA)
Art History (BA)
Biology (BA)
Black Studies (BA)
Chemistry (BA)
Economics (BA)
English (BA)
English Childhood Education (BA)
English Education/Middle School Extension (BA)
French (BA)
History (BA)
History Childhood Education (BA)
History Education/Middle School Extension (BA)
Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)
Interdisciplinary Studies / Teacher Education 1-6 (BA)
Journalism (BA)
Mathematics (BA)
Mathematics Childhood Education (BA)
Music (BMus)
Philosophy (BA)
Political Science (BA)
Psychology (BA)
Sociology (BA)
Spanish (BA)
Spanish Childhood Education (BA)
Spanish Childhood Education / Bilingual Extension (BA)
Speech Communication and Theatre Arts (BA)
Studio Art (BA)


Accounting (BS)
Aviation Management (BS)
Biology (BS)
Biology Childhood Education (BS)
Biology/ Education 7-12 (BS)
Biotechnology (BS)
Business Administration (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Chemistry (BS)
Chemistry Childhood Education (BS)
Chemistry/ Education 7-12 (BS)
Clinical Laboratory Science (BS)
Clinical Laboratory Science (BS)
Communications Technology (BS)
Community Health Education (BS)
Computer Science (BS)
Earth Science/Education 7-12 (BS)
Environmental Health Science (BS)
Finance (BS)
Geology (BS)
Gerontological Studies and Services (BS)
Health Education PreK-12 (BS)
Health Promotion Management (BS)
Health Science (BS)
Human Resource Management (BS)
Information Systems Management (BS)
Marketing (BS)
Mathematics (BS)
Mathematics Education 7-12 (BS)
Mathematics/Teacher Education 5-9 (BS)
Movement Science (BS)
Nursing (BS)
Nursing - Generic (BS)
Pharmaceutical Science (BS)
Physical Education PreK-12 (BS)
Physics (BS)
Public Health (BS)
Social Work (BS)