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CLC Weekly Chemistry Workshops

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Starting on Monday, October 26th, CLC Chemistry tutor Simon Lee will be hosting weekly Chemistry workshops for CHEM 111, CHEM 230 and CHEM 231.

On Mondays, he will be focusing on Chemistry 111 (Chemistry 2). In this series, he will be reviewing concepts from the lecture only, not ALEKS nor labs. It encourages a group learning experience for students where they are free to ask any questions related to lecture material. The workshops will also tackle Chemistry problems directly from Dr. Chang's Chemistry 12e textbook.

On Fridays, Simon will be focusing on Chemistry 230 and Chemistry 231 (Essentials to Organic Chemistry & Organic Chemistry 1 ). In this series, students will also be able to ask questions related to lecture material. Simon will be providing questions directly from Wade's Organic Chemistry 8th Edition textbook.

Students are strongly encouraged to register for these workshops at under the Chemistry schedule. Take a look at this video which shows how to register. If you do not know your York Network Account credentials, call 718-262-5300.